Another man picks up the phone while addressing his wife on the ‘Call a Friend’ opportunity of the millionaire program.


JH Hogan attended the “Who Wants to be a Millionaire” program, which is being held in many countries around the world and it offers opportunities such as ‘call a friend’ and ‘ask the audience’ while answering some questions.

Mr. Hobes informed the announcer that he would take his lifeline opportunity and seek the help of his wife for the question “What is the part of the weekend in Germany these days?” because he said that “My wife’s cousin lives in Germany. My wife also lived there for some time. I would like to contact her to inquire about this. ” Hobbes’ wife, Elizabeth, was immediately contacted by the TV channel. But something unexpected happened. The wife was replaced by another man. Announcer Jerome Clarkson tried to hide his surprise, but Hobbes couldn’t hide his shock. This came as a big surprise to the audience as well and the incident spread quickly on social media.

Within seconds, however, Mrs. Elizabeth was on the phone. May I know if anyone else is there with you? The announcer asked that automatically. Elizabeth was locked up and the gentleman was helpless in front of two thousand. After that various views were exchanged on social media. Many people say that if you want to catch your wife cheating, press the Call a Friend button.


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