SLT Group to improve connectivity at Lankagama-Neluwa Village

Following the President’s visit to the Lankagama-Neluwa village on August 29, 2020, where he stated that he will direct the SLT Group to provide a solution to establish high-speed broadband and voice facilities in the Lankagama village. Sri Lanka Telecom – Mobitel, immediately took on the task of digitizing the Lankagama Village with high-speed connectivity solutions. Following the instructions of the President, the Engineers from SLT – Mobitel visited the village on the same day to assess and identify the implementation mechanism for a Detachable Guyed Mast Solution.

Situated amidst lush mountains, the Lankagama village is located at the Southern boundary of the Sinharaja Rain Forest, which falls into the Neluwa Divisional Secretariat, Galle District. Despite the geographic obstacles and transportation difficulties, SLT – Mobitel will promptly implement a Detachable Guyed Mast solution (supplied by a local company) to establish superior connectivity and broadband facilities to the area bySeptember 20, 2020, thereby empowering the village with digital capabilities and bridging the digital divide. The project will be implemented without any negative impact to the environment of the area.

Rohan Fernando – Chairman of SLT Group commenting on the initiative, said “In line with the Government’s vision of digitizing Sri Lanka, the SLT Group feels privileged to take on the venture of powering rural areas with superior connectivity solutions. As the country’s Telecommunications Service Provider, it is our responsibility to ensure that we not only provide connectivity to all Sri Lankans but also empower them with the right knowledge and know-how to evolve and move forward towards an info com and knowledge rich society. We would also like to thank the DG of TRCSL for encouraging and setting the right strategies. The implementation of this Detachable Guyed Mast Solution is another step towards reaffirming our mission of care, share and deliver and we will continue to empower Sri Lankans by providing connectivity solutions and contributing towards Sri Lanka’s digital upliftment and literacy.” SLT, operates in the fixed ICT business. SLT has laid out nearly 50,000 kms of optical fibre throughout the island to extend fibre access through FTTH technology.

In 2017, Mobitel’s innovative deployment of the first Sub-1G Mobile Broadband Network in Sri Lanka based on it Sub-1G spectrum significantly improved coverage in rural areas of the country and connecting the rural communities to high speed mobile broadband, enabling the global reach to uplift their day-to-day lives.

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