Umaria’s song is an Arabic copy.


If there is one song that has become very popular in recent times and has received the most response on social media, it is “Manda Pama”. With Umaria’s voice, music and visuals, it all became a hit and trending on YouTube.

This is about the original version of ‘Manda Pama’. This song was born in Arabia exactly five years ago. The original singer of the song was Saad Lamjarred, a Moroccan singer.

The song is “Lm3allem”, the most popular song on Lamjarred’s 2015 album. The “Lm3allem” music video reached 500 million views on YouTube within three months of its release, setting a Guinness World Record. As of August 2020, this is the most-watched Arabic video on YouTube with 845 million views.

Umaria’s song “Manda Pama” is based on this song. But it was not mentioned anywhere in the comments on this design. ‘Manda Pama’ has been viewed by 11 million people so far.


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