‘Wine and Dine with BNS’ at The Barnhouse

Wine and dine with the legendary duo – Bathiya and Santhush (BNS) – live at The Barnhouse, Panadura courtesy The Barnhouse Studio on Saturday, 19 September 2020, from 7 p.m. onwards. Tickets are priced at Rs. 10,000 (VIP) and Rs. 5,000, inclusive of a signature dinner buffet and other specialties.

“Wine and Dine with BNS”  is a unique and novel concept introduced by The Barnhouse; an idea borne of Owner Kushantha Hewapathirana’s passion for the arts. In his 15 years of experience as a renowned photographer, Hewapathirana lent his eye for detail and beauty to the creation of the innovative space that is The Barnhouse. 

“Wine and Dine” is a concept which brings together soulful music by Sri Lanka’s topmost artists, amidst an atmosphere that is boasting of serenity and creativity. Atop a unique space, the venue also provides exceptional dining experiences complementing the artistic ambience reflective of your surroundings. 

The organisers shared that the “Wine and Dine” concept was first introduced in 2019 with renowned artiste Kasun Kalhara, adding that the melodious evening received immense praise from guests who participated, emphasising the elements of the evening as “mindblowing”, “a never before experience” and “truly magical”. 

They also shared that The Barnhouse carefully chooses the most elite artistes for the vital purpose of providing guests a unique experience, adding that the experience they provide is curated and unlike the usual interaction one would ordinarily expect form a lounge performance or concert.   

Moreover, they noted that this concept of “Wine and Dine” is one which encompasses a more intimate experience with notable artistes, “enabling an up-close and personal insight to the soulful embrace of music, amidst the stunning setting of The Barnhouse”. They shared that the experience is further heightened with the inclusion of creative cuisine and beverages. 

According to the organisers, The Barnhouse Studio, which is Kushantha Hewapathirana’s brain child, is an architectural creation particularly designed to inspire. Each element found in the structure of the space, which is based around the idea of an old English barnhouse, is architecturally crafted in synchronisation with the theme. The event is unique in that the venue adds to the experience, as it is especially created for the purposed of appreciating art in its many forms, to allow artistes and creatives to come to the location, spend time working on their art, make amendments, and to break away from the otherwise monotonous way of life. 

This is an exclusive event with limited seating. 

For more information and tickets, call 0714 210 210.

– Dimithri Wijesinghe