Sri Lanka Telecom and Mobitel join forces

Sri Lanka Telecom (SLT) and SLT Mobitel on 1 January unveiled their unified brand identity forming a formidable force creating a lasting legacy as the national Information and Communications Technology (ICT) solutions leader. 

The historic unification of products and services were symbolically launched at the event that took place with the participation of Sri Lanka Telecom Group Chairman Rohan Fernando, Sri Lanka Telecom Group Chief Executive Officer Lalith Seneviratne, Sri Lanka Telecom Chief Executive Officer Kiththi Perera, SLT Mobitel Acting CEO Chandika Vitharana, and other key officials of the Sri Lanka Telecom Group.

This historic unification will be an impetus to the Government’s effort to create a technology driven economy and a technology-based society, with SLT-Mobitel contributing immensely towards the digitalisation of Sri Lanka. 

For over 163 years Sri Lanka Telecom PLC has solved the country’s need for connectivity, operating on fixed, mobile and other operational segments, with SLT recognised as the fixed line powerhouse brand and Mobitel the benchmark for mobile services. 

Together, SLT and Mobitel strengthen the country’s ICT infrastructure, empowering people and transforming businesses with digitalisation.

“The brand unification brings Sri Lanka Telecom and Mobitel products and services under a single brand. The new brand identity will strengthen the brand equity of SLT-Mobitel, synergising the goodwill gained by both to one strong brand with digitalisation at its core. A brand that consumers readily recognise, trust and accept,” Sri Lanka Telecom Group Chairman Rohan Fernando stated.

The new brand identity brings the brands together in a setting that is instantly recognisable to the consumer and portrays the unified relationship. The change in the logo is underpinned by a companywide realignment and unification of service, truly representative of SLT. SLT-Mobitel enables the fulfilment of customer aspirations, be it in life or in work, making for greater efficiency, ease and limitless opportunities.

Sri Lanka Telecom Group Chief Executive Officer Lalith Seneviratne spoke on the impact of the brand unification on consumers. “At SLT Group we no longer think of ourselves as a connectivity partner but as a lifestyle company impacting people’s lifestyles greatly. The two anchor companies in the group, SLT and Mobitel hold an important position to support the foundation of the Group. Together with other subsidiaries they provide Fixed-Line Services, Mobile Communications, Broadband Service, Internet TV, and Health Services Access among others. The companies will now further enhance collaboration under one brand and provide customer-first innovative services as the industry leader in providing a great customer experience.” 

Through Sri Lanka Telecom, SLT-Mobitel provides telecom networks and ICT services to organisations of all proportions across all economic sectors, other telecommunications operators and internet service providers (ISPs), public sector institutions, and domestic customers. These efforts are supplemented by an array of technologies including optical fibre, ADSL2+, VDSL2, carrier-grade Wi-Fi, and both fixed and mobile 4G LTE technologies. The Company also uses its multiple international submarine cable networks to offer state-of-the-art global services, securing its position as a key global player in the telecom industry.

“From today, all of our customers will know us as one SLT-Mobitel family and will enjoy all of our services together. All of us at SLT will be bound together under our common brand identity as we take helm as the primary telecommunication services provider to the nation. We look forward to the synergised brand value this gives us, as we work with Mobitel to expand our 4G, 5G and wireless broadband offering under a unified brand umbrella, creating value for the customers and the company,” Sri Lanka Telecom Chief Executive Officer Kiththi Perera said, speaking on the launch of the new digital-centric identity.

Via Mobitel, SLT-Mobitel offers mobile ICT services including mobile telephony, high-speed broadband, enterprise solutions, international services, and a range of value-added services with national coverage. As the fastest 4.5G/4G+ mobile network in Sri Lanka, Mobitel offers an unparalleled broadband network recognised by Ookla Speedtest Awards as the fastest mobile network in Sri Lanka. Mobitel has innovated market breakthrough products such as Master and Sri Flix for the local market, having carried out the biggest broadband expansion carried out in 2019 with over $ 100 million investments. The first operator in South Asia to trial 5G over a mobile network, Mobitel is in the forefront of digital technology in Sri Lanka gearing up the country for the deployment of 5G.

SLT Mobitel Acting Chief Executive Officer Chandika Vitharana commented on the synergy from the brand unification. “SLT Mobitel is the only truly Sri Lankan mobile services provider and is the frontrunner in digital mobile technology. SLT and Mobitel joining forces signals to the consumers the strength of our offering and our undisputed leadership in telecommunication services in Sri Lanka. The future for our customers looks bright, as our connection brings us all together.”

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